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Orders and Returns

Return & Refund Policy

Below is Shop4my Anime return & refund policy. If you want to return item/items to us or get a refund, please read and follow the instructions listed. You should also get help from a sales representative, they will be glad to help you. It is crucial to understand our return policy and make certain the criteria are met before physically sending item/items back to us.
Shop4my Anime reserves the right to charge a handling fee on all returned products.

Several conditions must be met before Shop4my Anime will refund an item. We also offer partial refunds if conditions for a full refund are not met. We only allow a complete refund for items that have problems caused by Shop4my Anime. This means that damaged items not caused by Shop4my Anime cannot warrant a full refund.
Shop4my Anime are a responsible company. We will check your orders very carefully before delivery. If you have any doubts, please contact one of you sales representative.

Several conditions must be met before Shop4my Anime will replace an item:

  1. Wrong delivery.
  2. Damaged products caused by us.
  3. Bad quality before delivery.

Note that some of our items are non-replaceable. You should also get help from one of our customer representatives, they will be glad to clarify for you.
Shop4my Anime will ship the replaced package back to you with no charge! We will handle all the necessary shipping fees (from Shop4my Anime back to you).

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